Monday, May 7, 2012

You Spin Me Round Like A Record

Ever since I decided to write this post, I have had this earworm of a song stuck in my head!  Yes, an iconic hit from the '80s, but definitely not one of my favorites!  The "Big Eighties" are definitely on their way back - the music and clothes are already up?  Home furnishings!  I even had a customer ask me for black lacquered furniture and a lucite table just a few days ago.  Are you ready for an American Gigolo home makeover?

Here's what caused all of this eighties madness:

It's a vintage spin display case.  All of the shelves rotate around so you can easily view items up close - no squatting or kneeling, just rotate the shelf to the top of the case to view. This type of case is hard to find since they are perfect for showing so many different things.  I was lucky enough to find one last month and I just installed and loaded it at Long Beach Antique Mall II.  Come on out and take it for a spin - big hair is optional!

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