Monday, May 14, 2012

Dark Shadows

My wife and I are big Tim Burton fans and were really looking forward to seeing his latest film, Dark Shadows. While the movie is entertaining and the special effects are pretty amazing, it left us wanting more.  Even Johnny Depp's performance felt a little reserved compared to his other over-the-top characters. Maybe the subject matter is too grim, but we wanted more fun out of the movie.

Since most of the story occurs in 1972, there are fun retro references - bright Samsonite luggage, cool cars, vintage board games, and owl macrame. There's also a fun bit with The Carpenter's on TV singing "Top Of The World". We wanted more vintage product nostalgia and more music!

Fun? Yes. Entertaining? Yes. Worth going to? You decide. Based on our expectations going in, maybe the movie we really wanted to see was Light Shadows...

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