Saturday, April 27, 2013

Time flies when you're having fun...

The past year does in fact seem to have passed by in a blur for retroda!  So much has happened, is happening right now, and will be happening in the very near future.  I hope all of that grammar is correct!

Here's a brief recap of what's going on with retroda:

Long Beach Antique Mall II - still running my business at this store as it continues to develop and build a customer base. Lots of new dealers have moved in and there's always something new to see.

inretrospect - This store's popularity continues to grow.  Lots of publicity from magazine and newspaper articles, as well as some amazing special events hosted by the owners.  I am currently working on a major expansion at this store - stay tuned for a location update coming soon!

Warehouse 1333 - Last year I opened a "shop within a shop" at this store in Long Beach.  The store features an eclectic mix of product and sells a lot of furniture.  I have mixed an assortment of Mid-Century goods, plus industrial/salvage and vintage office items including tanker desks, file cabinets, and other accessories.

Orange Avenue Estate, Salvage, & Garden - As of last Fall I no longer have a dealer space in this store.

One Kings Lane - A successful launch on the One Kings Lane website forced a quick learning curve on running a vintage e-commerce business!  Photographing products, listing them for sale, staying in-stock with shipping boxes and packing supplies, and packing and shipping orders have added new tasks to the daily workload.  Busy = success.  Bring it on!

Long Beach Antique/Flea Market - retroda is no longer selling at the show, but you might see us shopping the aisles now. Watch for the overflowing carts headed to the parking lot!

That's a wrap.  Will try my best not to "fall off the wagon" again, especially since its a vintage Radio Flyer!

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