Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What to Inretrospect

Opening its doors in October, 2011, Inretrospect offers "vintageware with contemporary flair".  The store replaced a previous antique mall on Long Beach's famous "Retro Row", a section of Fourth Street packed with vintage stores offering the best mid-century furniture, home furnishings and accessories, vintage clothing, and even a roller skating shop. The store's owners, Dave and Chris, built a strong team of dealers which has resulted in an impressive offering of vintage goods.  Business has been brisk and the feedback overwhelmingly positive.  Stop by and check out the store - you're bound to go home with some vintage awesomeness!

Here's a look at my space at Inretrospect:
Amazing teak dual sided bookshelf - perfect as a room divider.

Teak modular wall unit shown in an "L" set-up.  Can also extend flat against a wall for over 15 feet! Also, a great wooden daisy chair and a unique floor lamp with display shelves.

"Back" view of wall unit.  This piece would also be a great room/space divider as it is finished on all surfaces.

A selection of vintage board games and playing cards.

Vintage jewelry, both costume and sterling silver items.  Lots of turquoise to coordinate with the Native American trend happening in apparel right now.

The mother lode of glass - art glass, canister sets, Pepsi character collector glasses, vintage Georges Briard and Couroc barware, and other serving and entertaining pieces.  Vintage luggage - both pullmans and popular train cases available.

A large selection of vintage glazed plant pots - perfect vessels to showcase succulent plants.  The industrial wire stacking baskets are also available - they come atop a rolling base.

A couple of swingin' swivel barstools in white leather.  These look like they are straight out of an episode of Charlie's Angels!  The accent pillows are made from vintage OP knit fabric from the 1970's.

 owls, Owls, OWLS!  My best selling category at Inretrospect.  It's hard to keep up with the demand so I am always on the lookout for more!

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